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Lisa Fox

Lisa Fox could be called a self-taught jewelry designer, but that would be a half-truth. As a child, she spent countless happy hours looking over the shoulder of her paternal grandfather, the owner of S. Marsh & Sons- once the premier jeweler of Northern New Jersey. Now it is Lisa's turn to ponder the subtle differences between toggle and lobster clasps; and the unique physical characteristics of gemstones like green garnet and chalcedony.

Lisa's design process is about color, cut, shape, and texture. Her designs run the gamut: From casual, earth-toned reminders of antique ornaments, to vivid, candy-colored pieces that incorporate bead work on the cutting edge of modern craft. Working only with the finest fresh-water pearls, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystal, her designs denote a certain style. It's immediately clear that this girl likes her jewelry to make a statement!

She can accessorize for any look. And she works tirelessly to suit the tastes of individual clients and select stores.

Lisa has a Retail Merchandising degree from Ohio University, and, when not designing jewelry, works in marketing and advertising. Through her craft and artistry, she proudly carries forward the impeccable reputation of Marsh Jewelers.